„Nothing primes inspiration more than necessity.“ (Giacchino Rossini)

The last months and the different stages of lockdowns confronted the art world with a significant change of its rules.

The reception of music changed.

The consumption of music has become more private.

Rehearsing and recording music became overly complicated.

And performing suddenly seemed irrelevant.

The Stiftung Musikfond foundation offered me a grant to record and promote musical pieces for solo clarinet that were or are still to be composed during the unprecedented corona crisis.

I am looking for compositions that we can fine-tune and complete together using video conferencing and other online tools. Later on, I will rehearse the pieces, and do recording sessions as well as video shoots of some of our online sessions and the final recording. The audio tracks and video clips will be available on youtube, and you can use them later to promote your work.

PR-wise I can support you with a collaboration that aims to place features in press releases within the scope of the Stiftung Musikfond grant, with personal press contacts, as well as the placement of audio features in playlists and radio programmes.

The scores can be published in our sheet music publishing house Edition Springquell and the recordings promoted through the label MDG, with which I work together.

The novel compositions were inspired by the novel coronavirus. Let us confront the world with the our compositions, by giving the audience the opportunity to experience new pieces and find a way to present our work in times when there is a lack of spaces to perform.

Let us channel the artistic urge to express ourselves and give the audience the novel compositions.

Send in your scores written for solo clarinet and let‘s get in touch to prepare your composition to be recorded by me and being release in early 2021!

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